Tracie Lynn Smith


my iterative journey

Hello! I’m Tracie

A relational UX designer working to make the world a better place by bringing communities and resources together through targeted innovation.

My Story

As a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) and art therapist (ATR) working with families in clinical and military settings, I found myself dreaming up ways to expand the scope and scale of my practice as the demand far outweighed what I could supply as a lone provider. My exploratory journey into the world of UX design formally began here.

Returning to my roots in graphic design – the first iteration of my career evolution – I used design thinking to cultivate a values-driven career that integrated my love for research, relationship building and problem solving.

A deep-dive UX certification with CareerFoundry soon followed along with a passion for the methodologies, principles and iterative processes of Lean UX and Agile design. The transition to UX was intuitive and has afforded me opportunities to actively design a better world by advocating for users and validating their needs through actionable data-driven solutions.

I'm dedicated to designing for good and empowering users through intuitive, engaging and innovative end-to-end experience design.